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Stories Being Told - Finding A New Direction

October 17th, 2014

Stories Being Told - Finding A New Direction

It was time for me to move away from my traditional interpretation of photography and start creating much more personal images. The most important tool for this new series is my imagination as well as the viewers'.

I finally started using photography to tell stories. I hope you like my growing collection of "Stories of Dreamworlds" and find your own stories within these images.

I will not keep these images on FAA for a long time. For the time being though, I would greatly appreciate your feedback!

Thank you for reading,
Sabine Jacobs

Newly Released New York City Series

July 16th, 2014

Newly Released New York City Series

I love New York City. I have lived there on and off for a couple of years and have photographed the city from every possible angle. There is one problem I've always had with photographing New York - nothing can truly capture the spirit and energy of the city, not stilld and not even video. There is too much going on and too much to take in. There are too many people, cars, sounds, smells, signs, structures, colors, to have room in one image. This is the energy of NYC that I have always loved. I dove right in. With this series I finally found a way, my way, to at least bring a small slice of this urban chaos onto a 3:4 canvas and allow the viewers of my images to have that same experience of "diving right in".

I have been working on this series for quite some time and made 12 pieces available on FAA. Enjoy!